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Recent studies point to the growing demand for soft skills in the recruitment of employees for companies, regardless of their area of ​​activity. Other studies, increasingly prevalent in what Sport is as a training agent, indicate that professional and high-performance Athletes develop several skills that are not developed in the same way in other contexts. Therefore, we believe in the importance of being able to bring the experience of Sport to the reality of companies, as we have learned, throughout our sporting journey, that sharing makes us stronger, more capable and inspires us to be better.

The training offer for companies is based on a prior assessment that results in a diagnosis and an objective proposal framed with the specific needs and objectives, so our response can take several forms of action, either integrated or in a single format: certified training, lectures , team buildings, worksops or others.

We are going to take Sport to Companies and ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to step into a locker room, even for a day. Find out more by consulting our presentation.



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