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You don't make a pass without looking ahead; you can't win a fight without looking your opponent in the eye; barriers are not crossed without facing them, looking at them; you don't start a path without looking at your destination. In Sports, and in Life, you have to lift your head to add up victories.

Mental Health is still a taboo topic perhaps because Athletes are "super heroes" both in the eyes of others, as well as in the way they see themselves. And in movies, heroes don't fail and don't like to ask for help. In real life, it's not like that.

We believe that the secret is in the prevention and training of Athletes and Sports agents. Therefore, the Heads Up project appears to provide the answer that most Athletes do not find in clubs in Portugal.

The Heads Up platform is designed so that any Athlete (and other sports agents) can have the necessary support, from awareness raising, through training and personalized technical support.


To implement this project, we created a fundraiser on the Go Fund Me platform through the Giving Tuesday Portugal initiative during the month of December 2020.

We continue to close partnerships so that the project can be fully implemented.

André Coelho (Futsal Player); André Costa (Basketball Player); André Pereira (Athletics Athlete); André Sousa (Futsal Player); Bárbara Timo (Judo Athlete); Bebiana Sabino (Handball Player); Carlos Andrade (Former Basketball Player); Carlitos Martins (Former Roller Hockey Player); Carlos Teixeira (Former Volleyball Player); David Caiado (Football Player); Diogo Carreira (Former Basketball Player); Duarte Gomes (Former Football Referee); Fátima Pinto (Football Player); Filipa Broeiro (Bodyboard Athlete); Gonçalo Cardoso (Futsal Player); Joana Guedes (Volleyball Player); Jorge Faustino (Former Football Referee); Mery Andrade (Former Basketball Player); Miguel Minhava (Former Basketball Player); Miguel Miranda (Former Basketball Player); Miguel Silva (Football Player); Nuno Dias (Karate Athlete); Paula Costinha (Former Basketball Player); Pedro Cary (Futsal Player); Pedro Henriques (Former Football Referee); Ricardo Candeias (Former Handball Player); Ricardo Figueira (Former Roller Hockey Player); Sara Djassi (Basketball Player); Tiago Marques (Field Hockey Player)

In this space, we will share the progress of the platform and make the necessary updates so that you can follow the step-by-step development of this project:

Phase 1 - Crowdfunding

Phase 2 - Acknowledgment to Donors and Offering GiveBack Vouchers

Phase 3 - Survey of needs and search for other support

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