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Always with a focus on Athletes, our mission is to serve Sport and put Sport at the service of business organizations. We want the values ​​that have been conveyed to us in Sports to reach more and more people through the relationship between the various sports agents and brands / companies.

We want to show organizations the importance of having human resources in their structure endowed with such specific and important skills as those acquired in sport and competition. We believe that we can contribute to adding value to the business and sports world as facilitating agents in the relationship between both.

We are a Cooperative with a solid business culture that is reflected in all the projects we embrace.


Through the YourFuture program, we help professional and high-performance athletes to focus exclusively on the mission of training and achieving their goals through timely, transversal and multidisciplinary preparation.

At SE we believe that training and skills work are essential for a high-performance sports and business journey.

Missão Sports Embassy


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