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The Your Future program arises from the interest in deepening, disseminating and implementing an action plan on the role of the business sector in the professional retraining of athletes of high competition in the most diverse areas of society. This is a pioneering project that, in one of its preparatory phases, intends to put in contact Athletes who are approaching the moment of embracing the career transition with national and multinational companies, of the most varied dimensions and sectors of activity, who are committed to deepen its role in the social development of people and organizations.


An Athlete with the Sports Profile seal has a number of characteristics and after working with us he will be able to put them into practice in the performance of a new career and will have a deeper knowledge of his abilities in this new area of performance.


The Your Future program is divided into three stages:

To participate in our program it is necessary:

  • To be or to have been a highly competitive or professional athlete (ex-athletes are considered only those who have a maximum of 2 years break)

  • Want to actively participate in the process of adopting the skills developed during sports activities to enhance them in future employment

  • Want to actively participate in the process of identifying new skills and enhance their applicability in the job market


Note: it is not necessary for the (ex) athlete to have academic training; it is not necessary for the (ex) athlete to have defined goals within the scope of his future career

Note: The start of an athlete's program is subject to prior funding

We are a family owned and operated business.

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