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What if learning to have a healthy relationship with money could have something to do with Sport?  

This course does. Resulting from a partnership with Academia Doutor Finanças , Academia Sports Embassy launches a Mini Course on Personal Finance with the special participation of Diogo Luís , former professional football player who is currently Financial Advisor, who will help us create the necessary parallels between one reality and another.  

The purpose of this training is to kick-off what we believe to be essential in post-career preparation in terms of Financial Literacy. We start with the basics so that we can go on giving the necessary tools to Athletes, coaches, managers, agents and businessmen or other sports agents, so that athletes can think about their future by making the best decisions in the course of their professional activity in Sport.  

we leave for this  series of formations with one certainty: the end of the Athlete's career begins when the decision is made to pursue the sport professionally and the future is prepared now.

This course requires an investment of €30.00 and registration can be made here . 



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