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The Sports Embassy (SE) arises from the desire of ex-Athletes and practitioners of various sports to put the learning that resulted from their sports courses at the service of other Athletes. Life stories and different personal tastes, different origins, nationalities, creeds / religions or school education, there is a whole set of values ​​and principles, stories, moments, teachings and beliefs common to an Athlete, whatever their sport.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Sports Embassy
Semana Europeia do Desporto
Semana Europeia do Desporto
Semana Europeia do Desporto

In the photo: Bruno Avelar Rosa  from Qantara Sports ; Inês Caetano from Sports Embassy and Pedro Dias from Sport Evolution Alliance with the material collected in Cape Verde

Institutional acknowledgments: Clube PentaJovem,  Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvhense - JUDO , Ericeira Surf Club , Sport Algés and  from the bottom 

In the photo: Material to be transported at Lisbon airport and to be separated and distributed to the island of Boavista

Acknowledgments: Tofinha (baggage) and WeCare

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